Grill Tool Set Stainless Steel 3-Piece Mr Bar-B-Q


Grill Tool Set Stainless Steel 3-Piece Mr Bar-B-Q


This is the perfect grilling tool set for some one who is new to grilling. It include the three most common tools: spatula, tongs and fork

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This grilling tool set is made of stainless steel so they will last a lifetime with proper care. At 17 inches long they will keep those hands off of the heat but not so long that they are awkward to use.

The spatula is a 4 in 1 design that has beveled edge’s on the side as well as on the front of the blade to allow you to easily flip your food from any angle. The other side of the spatula blade has a serrated cutting blade so you can cut into your food while it’s on the grill. Last but not least the back of the handle is also a bottle opener, a must have if your one of the fancy people who drinks your beer from a bottle.

The tongs are serrated on the ends to give you a sure grip when picking food up off of the grill. Your hands will be protected from heat transfer from the additional oval-shaped stainless steel grips. They utilize a basic sprung design.

The 17 inch long grilling fork has many uses.  I know they have gotten a bad rap over the years for putting holes in meats if you properly sear you meat you don’t need to worry about that. They are also better at flipping light delicate foods then a spatula. Just drop those tines between the grates and come up from under the food. You won’t be scooting it around your grill trying to get under it.

This tool set has a mirrored stainless steel finish which means they should be washed with soap and water by hand to protect the shine. Harsh detergents (like those used in a dishwasher) and metallic scrubbers will scratch and dull the finish.

Packaging is a colorful cardboard wrapper.

17 Inches Long
3 Piece Tool Set
Mirrored Stainless Steel Finish

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Weight2.3 lbs

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