Grilling Fork 21 inch Stainless Steel Outset Rosewood


Grilling Fork 21 inch Stainless Steel Outset Rosewood


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For my money grilling forks have got a bad reputation over the years, that has made them hard to find. I like to use our fork as a spatula by sliding the prongs between the grates and lifting the meat from the bottom. No more scraping those grill grates. If your worried about the small amount of juice you may loose by piecing the meat you just aren’t searing it properly.

This Outset grilling fork has a rosewood handle and stainless steel tines. It is designed to match all the other products in there rosewood collection (see the product tag). These are some of the highest quality and best looking grilling tools on the market.

Care of wood handle grilling tools:

All wooden handle gilling tools should be hand washed and the wood should never be soaked in water. Only was the stainless parts. This will maximize the lifespan of the wooden handle and maintain the finish for years. They should never be placed in the dishwasher. Because the heat from the drying cycle will eventually cause the wood handle to split.

Key Features

21 inches Long

Brass Look hanging loop

2 Tines

Stainless steel construction

Fine rosewood handle

Manufactures description:

The accustomed griller will be primed to barbecue with this traditional and dependable Rosewood Fork. Apart of an extended family of tools, this essential tool is down to earth and projects attractive aesthetic features. The ergonomic rosewood handle provides optimal comfort and control while the stainless-steel construction harnesses impeccable durability.


Additional information

Weight1.2 lbs
Dimensions24 × 4 × 4 in







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