Grilling Skillet Mesh Stainless Steel


Grilling Skillet Mesh Stainless Steel


12 Inches round

3 Inches Deep

Stainless Wire Mesh

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This stainless steel grilling skillet features a nice tight wire mesh and includes a handle. It is ideal for cooking any small food items over any open flame. Unlike the old school design the wire mesh will hold in even the smallest cut up foods like diced onions. This will open up a whole new world of grilling options for you. The mesh also allows more of the heat and flame to get to your foods giving them more of a grilled flavor.This grilling skillet hasĀ a 9 inch long handle that that is specifically made for grabbing the side easily and securely and is also made of stainless steel. The handle is removable for gas grilling and easy storage.

At 12 inches in diameter this grilling skillet can easily sit off to the side of most grills while grilling other items. The 3 inch deep sides will keep the food in the skillet and out of your grill.

The fine mesh of this skillet is protected from your grates by 4 thicker stainless wires attached from the sides to a ring on the bottom. This protects the fine wire mesh from both damage and wear and gives you a sturdy surface for flipping and stirring.

With it’s sturdy stainless steel design this mesh grilling skillet will last you a lifetime if properly taken care of.

You may be tempted to throw this into your dishwasher we suggest hand washing it with soap and water. Harsh detergents or metallic scrubbers will eventually remove the shine or damage the stainless steel finish. It should also be allowed to cool down fully before placing it into your sink.

Metal skillets will get hot on the grill and you can burn your hands. Some kind of hand protection (grill gloves or an oven mitt) should always be used when handling this product.

With the handle in place the basket is 21 inches long. The skillet part is 12 inches in diameter and 3 inches deep.

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