Quesadilla Grilling Basket for 12 inch Tortillas Outset


Quesadilla Grilling Basket for 12 inch Tortillas Outset


For a  a single 12 inch tortilla

16 inches long and 12 inches wide.

quesadilla cage is 12 x 6 inches

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The quesadilla grilling basket can handle a single 12 inch tortilla folded in half and stuffed with your favorite meat and cheese combination. Over all this grill basket is 16 inches long and 12 inches wide.

The quesadilla grilling basket cage is 12 x 6 inches and has a flexible center and rigid chrome plated steel frame with a hardwood handle. The cage locks into place to make flipping your quesadilla a breeze and make sure nothing falls out in the process. The handle has a hanging loop for easy storage.

The packaging on this is only a cardboard hang tag.

Quesadillas have become one of my favorite things to grill they are quick, easy and something a little  different. This grill basket simplifies the entire grilling process, the tortilla’s can be pre-stuffed and placed in the basket one at a time.

To use this basket:

Preheat your grill to a medium to medium-high heat

Simply slide the locking mechanism on the grill basket up on the handle and open the cage on a flat surface.

Place your 12 inch tortilla onto the open quesadilla grilling basket , add the fillings (I suggest chicken shredded, cheese, salsa and jalapenos) onto the half of the tortilla on the handle side of the basket.

When your quesadilla is full fold the shorter half of the cage closed and slide the lock into place to hold the cage closed.

Place the basket onto your grill over the direct heat.

Grill for about 3 to 5 minutes per side (depending on how thick you stuffed your quesadilla).

Move the basket every couple of minutes to prevent burning.

When finished you should see melted cheese all around the edges and some nice browning on the tortilla.

Remove from grill. Using some hand protection unlock the basket and slide the tortilla out onto a plate and repeat.

Cut the quesadilla (a pizza cutter is great for this) and serve with a side of salsa or guac.

Cleaning your Quesadilla Grilling Basket:

Clean your basket using just soap and water and a plastic scrub brush if needed.

If your cheese has melted onto the basket we suggest placing it back onto the grill and letting it burn. Once it has burned it should just flake right off.

Do Not scrub this quesadilla grilling basket with your grill brush or an SOS pad it will damage the chrome finish.

How to grill quesadillas without a basket.

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