Red Wine Wood Chips Old Oak Barrel


Red Wine Wood Chips Old Oak Barrel


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These red wine wood chips are made from actual oak barrels that held red wine this will help will infuse a unique flair to your smoked foods. Some of the world’s best red wine is aged in oak barrels. As the wine ages, its flavor and aroma seep deep into the wood. When the wine is removed, its rich character stays in the wood.

These red wine wood chips can be placed directly on your charcoal on into a smoker box on your gas grill. The flavor of these really shines through when used with fish or chicken. We suggest soaking your wood chips for at least a half an hour before smoking.

The oak wood that these red wine wood chips are made from has a light wood smoke taste that compliments the red wine taste well. If the oak wasn’t infused with red wine it would have a similar smoke flavor as hickory.  While smoking with oak is not to common there are professionals and restaurants that use it all the time.

Red wine wood chips features:

Made from real red wine barrels these are sure to give any variety of food added flavor that is unique and delicious

Approximately 12 ounces of barrel chips

Most wood chips come in larger bags than these red wine wood chips. To keep the price down the package them into smaller bags.

Additional information

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