Spatula Turner Tongs Small Mr Bar-B-Q


Spatula Turner Tongs Small Mr Bar-B-Q


These small spatula turner tongs are great for turning small and delicate items out on your grill as well as on top of your stove.

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The spatula side of the turner tongs is 3×3 inches while the tong side is the old school wire triangle design.  They are 16 inches long total with a rubberized scissor type grip. Typically this grilling tool is used for flipping items such as fish or vegetables where you would like to support the center when turning them.

What is a turner tong?

Basically it is a spatula that has an arm that holds the food in place on the top while turning. Another way of looking at it would be a pair of tongs where one (or both) sides have a spatula type blade. It’s a hybrid spatula-tongs.

A tool like this finds it uses around the kitchen like: if your cooking a delicate fish filet and are concerned that it may snap in two when lifted. The extra arm will support the center to prevent that. Or if your grilling asparagus and it keeps scooting away from you when you try to slide a normal spatula under it.

For long life and to protect the chrome finish and rubber handle coating we suggest washing these by hand with soap and water and hand or air drying only.

16 Inches Long
Rubberized Grip
half spatula half tongs

Additional information

Weight0.8 lbs
Dimensions14 × 4 × 4 in

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