Campfire Rotisserie Cordless – DC Stainless 53 inch OneGrill


Campfire Rotisserie Cordless – DC Stainless 53 inch OneGrill


The best 53 inch Campfire Rotisserie has a Dual Post System. Designed for easy setup and on-the-fly adjustment in applications such as open fires, campfires, and free standing fire pits.

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This Open Fire Rotisserie System addresses all key areas of what can otherwise be a frustrating experience.

Featuring solid 304 stainless steel support posts and our most rigid 304 stainless steel motor support mount, this system provides users with not only the most sturdy system available, but also a lifetime of guaranteed rustproof performance. With tool-less infinite height adjustment you can easily, safely, and effectively change the cooking height as needed and without the fear of collapse; even during the cooking process, with the squeeze of your thumb.

This kit comes complete with a top rated stainless steel electric rotisserie motor capable of turning a 20 pound loads. With a heavy gauge 1/2 inch hexagon profile 304 stainless steel rotisserie spit rod and rugged offset four prong rotisserie spit rod forks bowing and floppiness generally associated with lower quality kits is nonexistent. The inclusion of an adjustable bushing allows this kit to width adjustable for a perfect fit to your application. To further ease the cooking process and aid in load balancing a fully adjustable 304 stainless steel counterbalance system is included. A premium heat resistant handle provides a safe and secure measure for loading and unloading the desired load. This kit is designed to work with spans up to 47″ wide


Heavy Duty Stainless Hex Stock Spit.
Stainless heavy duty Spit forks
Adjustable Stainless counterweight
High quality plastic handle.
Reduced on one end to standard Drive 5/16 Square
Use on any campfire or fire pit.
Height adjustment.

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Additional information

Weight14 lbs
Dimensions56 × 6 × 6 in







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