Stainless Steel LED Grill Light Maverick GL-03


Stainless Steel LED Grill Light Maverick GL-03


The stainless steel LED grill light by Maverick has a cordless design that allows you to mount anywhere on your grill with the use of a heavy-duty 1 inch mouth spring clamp.

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This barbecue light also has a flexible 18 inch long neck that will bend to any angle and is firm enough stay there. The battery life is between four and six hours of continuous use.

The clamp, neck and the removable battery hatch on the head of this LED grill light are made from stainless steel. The majority of the head is made of plastic. The head houses all of the electronics making it easy to waterproof with the addition of a plastic bag over the top of it. Doing this will allow you to use the light in the most adverse weather conditions. You will find many indoor uses for this as well, basically its a large clip on book light that can be used on any workbench, side table or kitchen counter.

On a gas grill the LED grill light should mount to your side table, but the 1 inch clamp may limit this. Most newer gas grills have side tables that are thicker. We have found this type of clamp setup very useful on a kettle grill by clamping it onto the handle. For gas grills we recommend the handle mounted type of grill light.

This LED grill light comes fully assembled but you still need to install the batteries. Just slide the stainless steel battery hatch and it will pop right open. Slide the 3 AA batteries that come with it into position close the hatch flip the switch and you are ready to go.

From the box of the LED grill light:

Powerful bright white illumination with four 50,000 hour LED’s that never need replacing
Cordless design mounts anywhere with heavy-duty 1″ mouth spring clamp
Double the battery life of other Grill Lights
Flexible 18″ neck bends to any angle
Outdoor and salt sprayed tested for rugged durability

Powered by 3 AA batteries that are included.

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Weight3.2 lbs

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