Syringe Marinade Injector 45ml


Syringe Marinade Injector 45ml


The syringe marinade injector by B2Q has a 45ml capacity, for those of us in America this is about 1.5 ounces. Made with heavy-duty plastic and stainless steel


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The B2Q syringe marinade injector is built to last. It has thick handles on either side of the body and a dip on the plunger top for your thumb. Great for any injecting large or small.

From the package of the syringe marinade injector


Marinade chicken, turkey, beef, pork roast and more

Marinates food quickly and cleanly

Double-hole design in needle prevents clogging

Distributes marinade in two directions


  1. Attach needle to outside of tip of injector by turning clockwise.
  2. Pull piston upward to draw marinade into injector. To prevent air from entering cylinder, make sure both holes in the needle are immersed in the marinade.
  3. Create a geometrically centered injection point in the meat with one deep straight needle track and two additional tracks branching out from the original injection point.
  4. Insert needle deep into injection point. To ensure even distribution of marinade begin to inject marinade while slowly pulling the needle out of the meat. Repeat for each needle track. For thin cuts of fillets, inject the marinade through the sides of the meat after the meat has been wrapped in plastic.
  5. Marinated meat is ready to cook.

Tips on using the syringe marinade injector

Marinade injector can also be used to baste the surface of the meat.

Add your favorite spices or rubs to butter, wine, beer, or stock bases to create delicious custom marinades.

Be sure your O ring piston is lightly coated with cooking oil before using.

Recommended marinade quantity 1.5 oz per pound of meat.

Always follow proper sanitary procedures when handling raw meat.

Hand wash injector with soap and warm water. Dry thoroughly.

Do not bend injector needle.

B2Q is a new name in grilling products

The syringe marinade injector seems to be a good quality all plastic injector that can provide years of use if properly maintained.

Marinade injector features
45ml Capacity
Dual injection holes
UPC: 8-76824-76928-3


Additional information

Weight.8 lbs
Dimensions12 × 4 × 2 in









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