Tel-Tru Smoker Thermometer with Reset Short 2.5 inch Stem


Tel-Tru Smoker Thermometer with Reset Short 2.5 inch Stem


The New Tel-Tru reset smoker thermometers are the kind the professional use. This thermometer is designed for heavy use so it can be calibrated over and over again.

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The stem is on this thermometer 2.5 inches long (long 4 and extra long 6 inch stems are also available) and .250″ Diam. The stem is threaded at 1/2″ NPT and will fit any 7/8 inch hole and will mount using the installation kit Mounting nut and washer are NOT included, sold separately here.

Loosen the reset with a 5/64 hex key 1/2 to a full turn. Get the thermometer calibrated and tighten the hex screw. The face has a mark to take the guess-work out of boiling water calibration.


3″ Back Connect Anodized Aluminum Dial
2.5″ Stem x .250″ Diameter
50/500 degrees with 210 to 215 test mark
304SS External Parts
Glass Lens
8 Year Manufacturers warranty.
1/2″ NPT (install into 7/8″ drill hole)

Additional information

Weight.9 lbs
Dimensions8 × 4 × 4 in







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