Tel-Tru UT300 Extra-Long Stem Barbecue Thermometer


Tel-Tru UT300 Extra-Long Stem Barbecue Thermometer


The Tel-Tru UT300 extra-long stem barbecue thermometer has a 6 inch long stem for those large commercial barbecue pits.

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This thermometer has a huge 3 inch dial with temperature range from 50 to 550 degrees and a plain face. The face on the Tel-Tru UT300 looks more like something you would find in a laboratory than on a barbecue pit. This is due to the fact that Tel-tru makes lab equipment as well.

Unlike other thermometers with the Tel-Tru UT300 you are able to read temperatures as low as 50 degrees. Most other thermometers begin at 100 degrees. The Tel-Tru UT300 is the only thermometer in the barbecue line that can read that low of a temperature and that is why it has a different look to the dial face.

The stem is 6 inches long and is threaded at 1/2″ NPT and will fit any 7/8 inch hole and will easily mount using the installation kit.  Mounting nut and washer are NOT included, sold separately here.

Selecting the right stem length for your barbecue thermometer.

For accurate temperature readings, the length of the sensor must be fully immersed inside your cooking chamber. A bimetal thermometer has a coil that is about 2” long located at the bottom of the thermometer stem. Tel-Tru bimetal thermometers have a 360 degree groove so that you can visualize where the sensor is inside the thermometer stem. You also need to consider where your food will be on your grates, you do not want the stem right up against it. The Tel-tru UT300 extra long 6 inch stem is difficult to place at grate level in a small smoker but fit well in the large commercial versions.

With a 6 inch stem proper placement of this thermometer at grate level can be difficult. You will be losing a lot of grate area on a smaller pit. You may need to mount it just above or below your cooking surface.

How to install the Tel-Tru UT300 Extra-Long Stem Barbecue Thermometer

installation instructions for tel-tru UT300 barbecue thermometer

3″ Dial
6″ Stem x .250″ Diameter
50/550 degrees F
Glass Lens
1/2″ NPT (install into 7/8″ drill hole)

Additional information

Weight1.1 lbs
Dimensions10 × 6 × 6 in







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