The Spong Spatula-Tongs


The Spong Spatula-Tongs


16.5 Inches Long

Stainless Steel

Turner Tong

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What exactly is a spong? These are sometimes referred to as turner tongs. They are basically a spatula with a lower blade for turning and they have an upper arm like a tong that holds the upper portion of the food securely while flipping. This hybrid tool has been around for years for use in the kitchen and is very useful for flipping delicate foods like fish fillets. As well as smaller foods like asparagus that you need to chase around your grill to get under them.

This version of the spong made by Mr. Bar-B-Q is a full size 16.5 inch grilling spatula with a smaller spatula like head on the top. They are made like a typical pair of locking tongs with a full hinge and push in locking lever that doubles as a hanging loop on the end. The long stainless steel handles and bakelight grips helps protect your hand from the heat.

It may take a few minutes to get used to using a new tool like this, you need to start with a loose grip like you would hold tongs. Slide the spatula end under your food and apply just enough pressure to hold the food in place. Turn them over with a flip of your wrist and release.

While this can be used as your everyday spatula it is especially useful when you are worried about a delicate food snapping in half when you lift it off of your grill.

Cleaning your spong: 

While it is tempting to throw this right into a dishwasher, the harsh detergents used will damage the stainless steel finish and eventually dull the edges. Your spong should be hand washed with soap and water and air or towel dried. Also never use metallic scrubbers as those will also damage the finish.

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