White Marble Whiskey Stones Set of 9 with Storage Pouch


White Marble Whiskey Stones Set of 9 with Storage Pouch


9 White Marble Whiskey Stones

Storage pouch included

Great gift idea

In stock


Whiskey stones prevent your drink from becoming watered down. After all if someone wanted to drink diluted whiskey they would just drink Jack Daniel’s. These whiskey stones from Outset are made from pure white marble, unlike the cheaper soapstone versions on the market. They have a clean look and feel making for a more elegant drinking experience.

Whiskey deserves something more than ice. Something sophisticated and designed to compliment the drink. Whiskey stones are just the thing. These marble whiskey stones are beautiful crafted and chill your drink without diluting. Complete with a velvet storage bag, these are great for personal use or a gift.

Key Features

2 cm Cubed
includes black velvet storage bag
stays cold longer than ice
store in your freezer and will be ready to use in just hours
chill whiskey and spirits without diluting
made of white marble
set of 9

Additional information

Weight.9 lbs
Dimensions6 × 6 × 6 in









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