Turboque Review

Turboque Review

In our Turboque Review we test this grill gadget by Charcoal Companion. It claims to allow your grill to cook like a convection oven. All while using less heat and shortening cooking time. Basically, it is a little fan that mounts onto your grills rotisserie mount and blows the hot air and smoke at your food.

The Turboque has its own special universal mounting bracket. We mounted it opposite our rotisserie mount. It fit our Brinkmann gas grill without a problem. The screws provided were excessively long. Just slide 2 C cells into the back of the fan and slide it onto the mount. The on/off switch is located on the top of the unit.

The Turboque designed to be used for indirect cooking mainly for larger items. So we cooked a beer can chicken.

I read the instructions (I really did) and that was my first mistake. We set the grill up with the 2 burners closest to the Turboque on. Set the grill to maintain 250 degrees. Then we set our chicken up on the far side. Because a beer can chicken of this size cooks for us in 1 hour and 30 minutes. We rotated it after 45 minutes, as per the instructions.

Charcoal Companion: TurboQue™ – Revolutionary Convection Grilling Technology

Because our normal cooking time had passed and the chicken was barely cooked. We turned up the grill to about 325-350 degrees. After about 20 minutes we noticed some progress. The chicken was at a slight angle to the fan so one corner of it was browning well.

After another hour and several rotations our chicken was finally cooked. Because of the slow beginning to the process the skin was rubber. The meat still turned out tender and juicy.

The conclusion of our Turboque Review

I guess this kind of works. I would not recommend this gadget. Because if they can’t figure out how to cook with this thing how are you expected to?
If you simply must have it. The first thing you need to do is throw out the instructions. Start by cooking at a slightly lesser temperature than you normally would and make your adjustments from there.

Since this review was originally written we have been in contact with Charcoal Companion. They admitted that the temperatures listed in instructions are wrong and that they would be revising them. So when we get a new set of instructions I will try it again and revise this article.  Because it has been many years since this post was first written and new instructions never came this article was never revised.

The Turboque has been discontinued by the manufacturer. I can no longer find it or anything like it available anywhere online.

When our Turboque Review was written the item was pulled from our own stock. No consideration from the manufacture was received for writing this review. See our product review submission guidelines for more information on our reviews


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