Wahlburgers Ground Beef Patties Review

The famous Wahlburgers hamburger meat is now available in your local grocery store. They are so proud of the blend of angus beef that they use in their restaurant, that on the top of the menu above the burgers it reads: “Our fresh angus beef is a proprietary blend of brisket, short rib & chuck”.

It’s pretty unusual to see something like this in your fresh meat case. Typically licensed products show up frozen (it appears there are also frozen patties available as well). To me this shows a dedication to quality meat.

Wahlburgers Ground Beef Patties in grocery store case

Let’s skip the Wahlburg family history and get right to the point of the Wahlburgers ground beef patties review.

Are the Wahlburger Angus Beef Patties worth while?

The cost: at $9.99 per pound these are a lot more expensive than 80 – 20 CAB angus ground chuck which comes in at only 5.99 per pound. Regular ground beef is currently almost half of that. A blend of chuck and brisket accounts for some of this price difference. The rest is probably the Wahlburg premium. Note: the fat to meat ratio is not listed on the package (leaner meat is more expensive).

Wahlburgers Ground Beef Patties Review

The package is 1.33 pounds and cost us $13.29. It contains 4 patties that are slightly less than a 1/3 of a pound (cost of 3.33 per burger). This certainly makes them larger than your typical premade hamburger. The patties appear to be a medium grind as a result should provide a more meaty texture.

Wahlburger Angus Beef Patties are not seasoned, nothing but meat in this package. We will season them with our favorite seasoning and grill them up.

On our gas grill they shrunk up enough to make me think that this is a 70-30 blend. The shrink was very noticeable affecting the size a lot more than the thickness.

The Taste Test:

I was pleasantly surprised with the Wahlburger angus ground beef patties. They had a great flavor and enough of a chew to know it was beef you were eating. This is the burger flavor you would expect from a higher end burger joint.

Wahlburgers Ground Beef Patties Review the Bottom Line:

While these were some excellent burgers, the price is a bit off putting to me. This is one of the better hamburger meats you can find. If money is no object go for it or wait for them to be on sale. Would I buy them again? Yes, only if they were on sale.



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Wahlburgers Angus Ground Beef Patties Review
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  1. The burgers were ok. Not worth the price and not worth eating bits of hard brissel.

  2. I had to buy these as nothing else was on the shelf because of the virus…never again is all I’ll say. I grilled them and I’ve never seen more grease come out of a piece of meat, it was awful. Taste??? Nothing special…don’t waste your money…even tho this bonehead reviewer says they are good they’re not, he’s paid to say so tho

    1. I bought a old hand crank meat grinder at a flea market for $15. One sirloin tip or round roast ground in about 10 minutes…. you will never want “ground beef” again. Just saying 😋

  3. I wasn’t impressed.. they fell apart on the grill.. and they shrunk majorly.. I probably wouldn’t buy again

  4. K. McCabe

    Best burgers! Finally found at Safeway. Made two burgers and had to go buy more! Very tasty

  5. Needing burgers was also forced to pay this steep price because the store was sold out of everything else. Tho the taste was great they were very fatty which accounted for the shrinkage…so ended up ultimately paying more money for more fat. In these times of financial hardship the price really stung. While I normally buy 3 four packs at a time could only buy 2 because of the price…so unless it can’t be helped I’ll never buy these again as at least for me they’re un-affordable.

  6. Purchased 5 packs to grill for father’s day, what a disappointment! The burgers had so much fat, it started a fire on the grill. Not worth the money, for sure. Never again!!!

  7. not good, to much fat & gristle, not much taste ,nice packaging but next time I will make my own burger

  8. Paulette Glaser

    The best burger I ever had

    3 minutes top 3 minutes bottom
    AMAZING ! ! ! Great product

  10. Just grilled four, two for me and two for spouse. We enjoyed them very much! Cheese, bacon, onion, pickle, mustard, ketchup! Better when the juices are still flowing, but pretty good well done too. Grill on Weber kettle using Cowboy Lump Charcoal (oak & hickory). First two were on grill about 7 minutes, last two were on grill “warming” (half grill had the charcoal, other half no charcoal) while we enjoyed the first two. Highly recommend even at cost of $2.25 per 1/3 pound pattie!

    1. Oh yeah, I did the math and with 30g fat per pattie, they are almost exactly 20% fat.

  11. I waited all these years for Wahlburgers to come to my city and what a disappointment it was the worst Burger I ever had,it was over price when the cashier told my total of$19.03 I said to the cashier I can buy steak dinner for that price and they even screwed up my burger and they didn’t put any of my toppings that I ask for on my burger and the onion rings were cold I told the manager that I won’t come back and only thing you are paying for is the family name Wahlburgers.

  12. There is a reason they hide the fat to meat ratio….It’s higher than any burger should be for that insanely high price….also mine fell apart as I tried to lay them on my grill.

    Bottom line — They charge a lean premium price (96/4) for a fatty ass burger by hiding the ratio deliberately so dupes can purchase the product that carries their B-List name (one of the older tricks in the book).

    “But what about the burger?” — The burger was good in terms of taste, even though I had to eat it in bites since it fell apart on my grill. It was definitely not worth the exorbitant price.

  13. the amount of grease; the price and the fact they shrunk so bad i had to trim the buns ..would not waste my money on them again…these things were half the size when cooked to medium

  14. michael witous

    I tried the cheddar jalapeño burgers, they had an odd texture, I think they came with freezer burn. Made them the day I purchased them. The cheddar was the overriding flavor really could not taste the bacon or the jalapeño. They were an odd gray color even though I attempted to cook them medium rare.
    I would not buy these again even if they were on sale. I think these guys should stick to acting

  15. Donald Church

    I was excited to try product at home. I bought product on Sunday and cooked on Monday. The product was well within the date of freshness. When opening the package a distinct odor of cow manure filled the air. I doublechecked dates and decided to cook anyway. That was a mistake as the aroma of dung radiated through my home. As i tried to quit gagging i determined there was something wrong. I stl have 2 burgers that look great but i will not cook again. I am totally disappointed. I love the restaurants but will not EVER buy the raw product again.

  16. Marlene Beltran

    They were nasty opened package they were all brown looking freezer burnt I couldn’t take back because I didn’t have rec. threw them right in trash no more for me

  17. Never again..talk about grease and fat….had to cook meat first to make salsbury steak then drain the grease…unreal

  18. Krisi edmiston

    I enjoyed the burgers they were superb the very reason I’m on this website have been looking all over for them. Too bad not a site in Indiana when infact I gotta couple packages from my local food assistance pantry.. If I had my way I’d only buy their meat but since I cant find them anywhere here I guess I’ll have to settle with the regulars

  19. I have no idea where these negative comments are coming from… These are the best burgers I have ever eaten in my life! I am a former Sous Chef and I still cook at home on a regular basis, so I like to think that I know quality meat. Now, I do realize that tastes are subjective, but I would to believe that outside of the price, people would still agree these are great burgers. Well, no matter, I like them and that’s all that counts! Plus, my local Aldi started carrying these, so I got them for $6.90 a pop, so I purchased 8 packages – I still would have paid full price for these! The nice discount leaves me me with 32 patties in my freezer, so that should last me about a couple of weeks!

  20. Randy Towe

    I’m not sure what version of burger some people ate but I purchased the chuck brisket blend of 4 pattys and it was absolutely amazing. I cook with cast iron and in my opinion it is the best way to get the true taste of the meat without any extreme char or smoke profile. I also didn’t add any seasoning either. Since this was a new purchase for me I wanted to taste the meat without adding anything extra. We put a slice of Colby cheese on them and they were absolutely amazing. The flavor profile was more than I could have expected. These are not plain crappy ground beef burgers, they do cost more but your getting something amazing for that extra cost. I had a minute amount of oil in my skillet after cooking. They don’t list the meat to fat percentage but from the rendered fat that was leftover I’d say these burgers were around 90 percent lean. Would definitely buy again….absolutely….. 100%.

  21. Tried these today for the first time and LOVED them! $9.99 for package of 4. As far as I am concerned, $2.50 per burger is CHEAP. I flattened them out a bit, to make them look morre “rustic” before cooking – very little shrinkage. Added a bit of salt and pepper. Cooked on my gas grill over high heat for @ 5 minutes per side, topped with cheese and basic condiments. Flavor was excellent.

  22. Burgers shrunk up a considerable amount ! Was not worth the price !

  23. Michelle Kopp

    Just grilled your patties from Giant in Maryland. They were exceptional! I would buy them again.

  24. Got the brisket mix burgers, wasn’t going to use them right away, so separated two patties and wrapped in press and seal , then in a bag. Took two out last night for dinner. They did shrink up more than expected for the price, and lots of grease. I should have pressed them down before cooking. I added seasoning. Ate them medium well. They had a good flavor. And texture. I would buy them again. We only eat one each, and don’t eat out much, so I think worth the $9.99.

  25. I bought some of these to try. They were good but not what I expected. There was grissel pieces throughout the burgers. I don’t think I will be buying these again unless they decide to send me a coupon for a second try!

  26. Ron Yorski

    Love the Wahlburger Fresh Angus patties! I forgot how good they are!!
    I have been staying away from meat for a while, doing the whole intermittent fasting and dieting thing. But since it was Memorial Day this past weekend I bought a package for myself (everyone else still basically vegan) and I could not believe the flavor and size of each pattie even after cooking. Going to keep buying more every once in a while, gotta start eating plants again..

    On a side note, if any of you Wahlberg’s are reading this we had been taking the kids each year up to Wahlburger’s in Hingham except for the 2020 COVID year and definitely will be going back this summer too. Coming from central CT we’d spend a day up there, (great place for ice-cream after lunch is Nona’s in Hingham), anyway great job Wahlberg family on the store bought meats, the comfort of your restaurants and all your successes. Bring back the reality show and Donnie still love Blue Bloods keep it going.. and Mark, loved your “Marky Mark” Memorial Day themed movies this past weekend !

  27. So not worth the buying. Jewel had their 85 – 15 ground beef for $2.99 per pound. They were out of their fresh ground beef (shopped early Sunday morning), so meat department manager gave me Walburgers at that price. We could not find lean-fat ratio on packaging. He read aloud Amercan Style Kobe Blend and explained it was well aged. I grilled one within an hour of purchasing. I had to drain off the grease twice. I believe the fat was 30%. After adding a bit of salt and pepper, I ate it like a steak (unadorned). Even my cat would not eat the bits of gristle I spit out (and he loves bits of burgers). I plan to cook up the rest, drain, and add to my spaghetti sauce. Do Not waste your money.

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